First Steps

I've received an email with a link to verify my Abbott Life account. What next?

Simply click on the verification link. This will take you to the Account Verification page to setup your access for the first time. There is an FAQ section on Account Verification in this guide.

What is my Username?

Your Username is your Unique Personal Identifier (UPI) which your manager will give to you when you join Abbott. Your UPI will also serve as your Employee ID. You can find your UPI on your Abbott pass or under your personal details in Workday. If you are still not sure, you can contact myHRTeam on 0800 999 6060 (option 1).

I've received my Password. What next?

Simply navigate to the Abbott Life web address you have been given, and input your username and temporary password carefully into the system. You will immediately be prompted to change your password.

Account Verification

Why do I need to verify my account?

Abbott Life contains information about yourself that should not be viewable by others. Therefore, we want to make sure you are indeed who we believe you are! Verification is an important step when you first log into Abbott Life, and is not required in future (unless you forget your password).

What do I need to do to verify my account?

Simply enter the fields on screen. There are two data items to complete that are personal to you. These are typically your Date of Birth or National Insurance number, but could be different depending on what data Abbott holds about you. You will also be prompted to enter a memorable password, which will be your new password for the next time you log in.

Why can't I complete the Account Verification?

This could be due to a few reasons. Have you checked that your new memorable password meets security criteria? Are you ensuring that the new password is entered exactly the same in the 're-enter your password' field? Have you provided the correct verification data that Abbott holds in their records?
You will be provided with an error message if the verification process doesn't work. If you are still struggling, please contact Abbott Life helpdesk on 0344 573 1632 / 01252 767444 from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday, or you can send an email to

My Password

When do I set my new Password?

You will set your new password during the account verification page.

Does my password need to meet certain security criteria?

Yes, like other corporate websites we ask that your password has a level of complexity. This complexity is:
• Minimum of 8 characters
• One upper case letter must be used
• One lower case letter must be used
• One number must be used

How do I change my Password?

We encourage that you change them on a frequent basis. If you want to change your password, you will find a link marked 'Change Password' within the 'My Details / My Account' section. Here, you need to enter and re-enter your new password twice.

Forgotten Details

I've forgotten my Password. How do I obtain a new one?

On the Login page, simply click the 'Forgotten your Password' page. At this point, enter your username, and you will be sent an email to your registered email address in the system. This email has a web link which you click on. You will need to re-verify your account for security purposes.

I've forgotten my Username. How do I recall this?

Your username is your Employee ID/UPI number. You will need to contact myHRTeam if you do not remember your Employee ID.

The Website and Content

Does the website change frequently?

You will be informed of any major change when they occur. Abbott Life content is subject to change too. This may occur at certain points of the year relevant to the Benefits programme, and any Financial Laws or Regulations

Is all the content on Abbott Life correct and up to date?

Aon Employee Benefits will always strive to keep content topical and up to date for Abbott Life users. However, please be aware that Abbott Life contains links to third party websites (for example, Employee Benefit providers) which we cannot guarantee is current. If you have any query please contact Abbott Life helpdesk on 0344 573 1632 / 01252 767444 or myHRTeam on 0800 999 6060 (option 1).

My Data

What data do you store on my account?

The data that we store about you depends on the services provided. We only store data that is relevant to the service, and Abbott will have expressly permitted Aon Employee Benefits through due diligence and a contract to have this data. Typical data items include: Name, NI Number, Date of Birth, Work Email Address, Home Postal Address, Salary, Grade, Employee Information and Benefit Entitlement. Dependants will have to be added by you.

The Abbott Life website has a link to the Privacy Policy for further information.

Do you share any data with third parties?

Not without permission from Abbott. We contract with third party suppliers to provide employee benefits to you, for example with Life Assurance or Private Medical Insurance providers. These companies need to know what benefits to issue to you, and also will need to know deductions from payroll and also where to post benefits guide books, etc. No data that we hold is shared with third parties unless it is deemed necessary for the service. Aon Employee Benefits do not share your data or website usage habits with any other business.

How safe is my data?

We take all precautions necessary to ensure that your data is safe. Our website is hosted by one of the largest, most secure data hosting companies in the U.K. and we spend thousands of pounds monthly to ensure that they deploy robust security processes. Sensitive data is encrypted on these servers and you access the website over an encrypted connection (the same standard as when you purchase goods online). Additionally, each employer has their own dataset, ensuring that there is no risk of seeing another employers data.

Abbott also send across data by a Secure File Transfer process.

How often is data updated on Bigblue?

Data is updated on Abbott Life once every month.

Security and System Details

What is a cookie and does Abbott Life use cookies?

A cookie is a small file which analyses web traffic and retains data about how you use the website and which pages you visit. We use cookies for Abbott Life, as it provides us with great feedback to improve our website.

Most internet browsers will automatically permit the use of cookies. However, if you do not want us to capture this data, your internet browser will allow you to disable cookies.

How is your website safe from hackers or other malicious attacks?

Every year Aon Employee Benefits undertake a test on the website called a Penetration Test. This test is carried out by an independent third party, who deploy the same techniques as hackers to see whether they can gain access to a test site through malicious practices. If any possible vulnerabilities are exposed, Aon Employee Benefits ensure that the website is patched and fixed to significantly reduce the likelihood of hacking. To further safeguard your data, Abbott has also undertaken a Penetration Test independently.

Is the website always available? What happens in the event of a disaster?

The website will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Occasionally we want to make updates to a part of the site, which will require some downtime. A message will be displayed on the website in this case.

If a disaster occurs, for example a fire at the hosting environment, Aon Employee Benefits have provisioned a backup solution so that the site can be up and running again in a few days.

Are there any terms of use?

Yes there are Terms of Use through accessing the system. A link to view the Terms of Use can be found on the website.

Need further help?

You can contact Abbott Life helpdesk on 0344 573 1632 / 01252 767444 from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday, or you can send an email to